Limited Language

Language is limited. I couldn't find a word to express what everything inside me was trying to express today. My sister went to Kenya last summer and she discovered that they didn't have a word for the word smart. All language has it's limitations.

In English we are no exeception. We say we love our food and we love our family. Two different kinds of love, same word.

Thankfully "God vocab" is much bigger and unlimited. So how can we speak God?

Romans 8:26b "...the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express."

Sometimes there just aren't words in our languages to say what needs to be said. When this happens, let your heart speak and let the Holy Spirit translate it into God language. For more on this topic check the exercise this blog entries on the Holy Spirit.

Be blessed as the year ends.

Have a good one. Talk to you next year.



  1. Languages can be limiting but can also have unique ways of expressing things that other languages can't. This is one of the reasons why I love learning other ones! Recently I've been thinking how amazing it would be to learn Hebrew or Greek. A translation never seems to replicate the exact meaning of the original language! I would love to dive into the bible in its original language.....


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