Filtering Your Words

Words are one of three. Encouraging, neutral or negative.

How would you describe yours? Better yet, how do others?

The Bible compares your words to a fire. Helpful or harmful.  

Knowing that out of the heart the mouth speaks, what's in your heart? What spews when you're under pressure?

Let's prepare so when life throws us a test, we pass! Try these three points when preparing. 

1. Decide to use neutral or encouraging words.

Make the decision. Your mind submits to your will.

2. Mediate on Gods words day and night.

The more you get into God's Word the more you look and sound like Him.

3. Pretesting

Use the hypothetical or real life situations to 'pre-test' yourself.

People respond or react when something happens. Responding is taking time to process and allowing the Holy Spirit to give you a good answer, feelings aside. Reacting is all feelings no processing.

It is not about having a response to every situation, it's about allowing time to answer the question 'How should I respond in this situation?'

Train yourself to respond rather than to react when something unexpected or negative happens.

Go into the 'life test' prepared to pass with flying colors!


  1. :) thank you so much!
    I'm glad to know someone thinks like me.
    I've been wanting to get better at being kind all the time, and not just to close friends.
    Thank you for your advice!


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