Rise From Within

In recent days we have seen a 'rise from within' all around the world. People don't like the way governments are run, they rise and resist and governments have toppled!

Technology aids in this, the internet, Facebook and Twitter. In matter of seconds we have access to news from anywhere in the world. Businesses and companies are now at the mercy of peoples opinions. They now need people to for products/information to go viral. This is an invisible force of personal power. 

The traditional way of thinking is that governments or businesses do things for you. The generation before mine set us up so well that we expect things to run smoothly. Unfortunately now, that is simply not the case. We need to make things happen. 

As I thought about my life and the things I wish would change, the phrase 'rise from within' popped into my head. 

We need to find common ground and rise together. 

What does that look like? For me that means loving hard, speaking the truth - straight up, teaching the next generation and working at being a globally healthy individual. 

What does 'rise from within' challenge you to do? 

Back in the Race,


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