Fight the Good Fight

It is said at many funerals "They fought the good fight" usually meaning they had a brutal battle with cancer or some other deadly illness.

Really? Good fight? How is it good? How could "good" even be used in a sentence like that?  

Or could it?

People often think of the word good to mean easy, calm, loving, pain-free etc. but there is a part of good that describes something tough and not so easy to go through. When you endure however, it is good.  

A good day's work. Work? Good?  
Good and tired. Tired? Good?  

Good is a word the book the Bible uses to describe God. He created humans and send His Son to die in our place cause we couldn't get it right. He experienced pain, a brutal death and the Bible still describes Him as good. Why would someone in their right mind let their son go through that? And for who? 

Good is fair and just. Good is loving and kind. Good can include pain. Pain and tough situations produces endurance and endurance produces maturity. 

It is not fun. Not one bit and this whole thing about it will be worth it? Just remember, this too shall pass.    


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