80/20 Health and Nutrition

80/20 is a trending phrase when it comes to health and nutrition.

The goal is to eat well 80% of the time and 20% free for all.

Recently I did the digestive detox www.14four.me - 4 weeks down 20 lbs and 51/2 inches.

More than what I lost was what I gained.
I felt amazing! My skin felt amazing. My gut was happy and I had more energy.

After the detox, eating healthy 100% of the time, I stuck with an 80/20. My goal is to eat well 100% of the time but I also need to be honest with myself. 

Chris Kresser (started the 14Four) also recommends a digital detox several times a year. It has been on my mind to do but some times you just can't get away from it. Whether it is for work or entertainment. 

Today, as I sat down to work, on a laptop, I took a moment, sat back, listened to the music playing, and looked up around my cosy room to the art and the photo’s on my walls. I realized I haven’t really looked up a while. There is something to looking up!

We live in a digital world where we look down at our devices and down at our ebooks. We don’t often take the time to look up.  

So how about doing an 80/20 for digital digestion?  80% of the time look up and if you need 20% on socials or in ebooks.  

What’s up? People, trees, clouds, art, human interaction. All good things. What's down?

What you are doing when you feel up? What are you doing when you feel down?  Is there a connection? Maybe. 

When you do look down, it doesn’t always have to be bad. You can read something that will inspire you, challenge you, or teach you something. Or maybe close your eyes and shut out the world. Perhaps put yourself in a receiving position, meditating on light, or praying.  

100% health in mind and body is the goal.  80/20 is a great start. 


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